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Private-edition lathe-cut single limited to 20 copies. 33blackLP is the project brainchild of Mark Davis (Omenya). He is joined by Allan Zane (WYRM, Solumenata, Le Scrambled Debutante, etc.). Davis’s and Zane’s styles are similar, yet unique enough to augment each other’s work in a manner that is truly sublime. 33blackLP set out to amalgamate and mutate musical genres without adhering to any particular one of them. This strategy is employed in order to lend an element of surprise to every release. The music should speak for itself. Davis and Zane insist on this concept to the extent that every release (and every track on every release) will be represented by progressive Roman numerals as titles. Visually, 33blackLP will engage in “aesthetic open dialogues”—as abstract imagery can complement music without imposing concepts upon it in the way that song titles can. 33blackLP draw influence from every area of life—without implying suggestions or answers. These influences are myriad. These influences are stylistically-blended into a refined hedonism (sometimes even sadomasochistic in its expression) that is the very essence that is the project.

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