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Spectacular new release by German veterans CRANIOCLAST on the theme of ice

Planned in the early 90’s executed in the early 20’s: The Arctic Salon. Another Cranioclast Expedition, this time to the Pole. A long time between planning and execution, but much shorter than the time between the first fake reports of having reached the North Pole on foot across the ice and the first expedition that really made it without motorization. But also a long time in which things in the Arctic and Antarctic got worse and worse and continue.
Double LP pressed on almost completely transparent vinyl (like ice but hotter or cooler!).

Limited edition of 300 copies in clear PVC sleeve

Track list

1A. Welcome To…/…The Arctic Salon/Polarstern/The Nuclear Raft/Isbjornklubben 26:54
1B. Cryosphera/Whiteout/Kreise 26:46

2A. Schatten/Snedronningen/Totes Wasser/OK Glacier?/Seed Vault 27:12
2B. Return Without Delay To Cardinal South/Magnetic Dawn/Drowning Cities/Space Worm/On The Very Last Sheet Of Floating Ice Sir Walter William Herbert Sips On His Polar Crush/Good Night & Good Bye 25:34

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