DEAD VOICES ON AIR – One Hundred Titles


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Limited edition of 100 individually numbered and titled copies. Each copy comes with an original artwork created by the artist.

One Hundred Titles :

And what was I like on the first day of my life
I could not die when trees were green
My ash face fades
To the grey beds of dead grass
Into the body of the light
The salt ocean lifts its form
The sea is circled with sway
Shimmering at the bare wood’s edge
Warm sun, cold air
Warm sun, quiet air
Adrift on Fire Island
If you can bring nothing to this place
The pine-drift
String-ridged and deeply hollowed
The thirst of earth
Grey is the sky of this land
Tracks of rain and light
To hold a lake
Or a blunt barrier
The other dance, to other music
To try a new alignment
Our false continents divide
Eyes are old hat
In warm self-flesh
Criss-cross, four, three, two
A thin wash of rain
Sliding mists sheet the alders
Under the weight of air
Its a fire of the blood
Not so remote
Each flower is a hand’s span
The field is of white desire
Flower by flower
A wish to while and wait
Yellow is a summer
Blue paper in the green grass
The grey lines of split rocks
Five red petals or a rose
The meadow that clouds the sky
My arms the bow
Blue is the prow of my desire
When the loud leaves awake
Oh how shall I defy you?
Whose blossoms touch the sky?
The hind stepped down
What devious means do you contrive to remain idle?
The shuffling of ants be done forever
The drifting lies and why?
Wheels repeat the gesture
On this moral sea of grass and dreams
To the sound of summer rain
Remember, my love, the object we saw
The sky cast an eye
Of the grain a man
And the rose it fell and pulsed like a wave
The moment to snatch from the bones
Oh sun of my nature and stars of my eyes
In the gold red glow
Lakes were mirrored, my trembling soul is seen
None that equals the poison that flows
To quench their thirst in the bitter stream
For the heaven my dreaming has found
Grief too sad for song
Sad storm whose tears are too vain
And like passions made still by the presence of love
By broad Potomac’s shore, again
Again, the blood red roses, blooming
And each slow-dusk a drawing down
In all my dreams before a helpless sight
Now earth has stopped their piteous mouths
That cross through flame and hail
Gentle, and evening clear
The black bells, the leaves
Midnight, brooding in its deepest dye
Dismal shadows on the troubled air
Scales near equal hang in earnest eyes
Hopes paused trembling for the last
The moon hung fluttering
The whey and hail align
To the weight of snakes
To carry the weight of my brother fair
No one knows exactly where they are
A thousand dead petals sing for Jesus
The mountain sand and blood
The slight remains
Together in bone intent
Our eyes feel nothing but the rain
Today, as ever, tomorrow
Be content, malcontent
This burnt earth-bone
Beneath the air that steals
A passing breath or two
My eyes have seen the glory
The broken fields, the lines of green
And I have lived a life as full
As any could imagine, perhaps
A life less ordered, less
Intense gold and grey and blue
There are shadows and there are depths
We have mined together

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