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In late 1983, Frans de Waard published the first edition of De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus, listing all known, independently released cassettes in The Netherlands up to that point. No images, no descriptions, just a list. In the following years, three more editions were published and then De Waard ceased producing these booklets.

This book contains all four catalogs, along with a 100-page selection of source material, articles from Vinyl, Muziekkrant Oor, De Nieuwe Koekrand, the complete one-off K7 fanzine, along with letters, flyers and label information.
This book includes an English introduction to the background of the various catalogue editions, as well as translations of the instructions on how to consult the catalogues. Otherwise, the rest is in Dutch.

The front cover is an homage to The International Discography Of The New Wave by Martha DeFoe and B. George, which was itself the direct inspiration for de Waard to compile the first edition.

Hard cover, 304 pages.

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