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BACK IN STOCK: “Intoutof” (say “Into out of”) is one of the The Hafler Trio’s most defining recordings. This 1998 reissue, coming ten years after the original date of release of the LP (and eight years after the first CD edition), reminds us of the power and mystery that have made The Hafler Trio such a respected and influential group.

When KK Records first issued “Intoutof” on vinyl in 1988 they found that the program length was too long to fit onto an LP. Their solution was quite unique: They ran the tape at a slightly faster speed to make everything fit. Thus, anyone who bought the record heard a higher pitched version of the master recording.

The first edition of this CD, issued by Soleilmoon in 1990, solved the speed problem, and certain typesetting mistakes were corrected. When that edition ran out a classic electronic music album suddenly became a sought after collectors item, changing hands for many times its orignal price. Once again available, but repackaged in a standard jewelbox, this edition of “intoutof” grants us a glimpse into the past, when strange ambient noise albums were the exception rather than the norm. Despite the limitations of jewelbox packaging, none of the artwork or text elements were sacrificed for the new edition. Indeed, we think you’ll agree that this mid-price reissue has more going for it than most full-price releases.

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