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Psychics have long believed that the year 1993 will prove to be a turning point in history. Not coincidentally, an Arizona cult called The Fourth Secret has been preparing for this year since their inception nine years ago. They have been instructed that the holy rapture will occur shortly after the second U.S. tour by the Dutch band THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS. The cult – located in the same Arizona county that is home to Biosphere II — is a community of cyber-hippies who follow closely the words and actions of LEGENDARY PINK DOTS mastermind, THE PROPHET QA-SEPEL (A.K.A. EDWARD KA-SPEL). The scrutinize each new LEGENDARY PINK DOTS album for hints about “the world after.” Unlike other cults which have fallen under the spell of popular musicians — you may have heard of The Manson Family? — The Fourth Secret celebrates life and marks each new DOTS release with a ceremony of psylocybin orgies and shamanistic dance rituals.THE PROPHET QA-SEPEL has been spinning his message of fantasy, transcendence and spirituality over the course of thirteen albums (and a handful of cassette-only releases). On the DOTS’ fourteenth album is the conclusion of the SHADOW WEAVER tale (the title is a translation from ancient Hebrew). It was recorded simultaneously with PART I but because the mood was so distinct, they felt it deserved to be released in its own right. MALACHAI delves further into their mysterious world than any other LPD record with its ambient soundscapes, psychedelic textures and strange mixture of instruments.Over a decade ago, the DOTS relocated from London’s East End to the liberal confines of Amsterdam where the lineup has continually shifted depending on each record’s particular focus. The SHADOW WEAVER opus was created with THE SILVERMAN on keyboards and exotic devices, RYAN MOORE on bass and acoustic guitar, MARTIJN DE KLEER handling guitar and drums, NIELS VAN HOORNBLOWER lives up to his surname and of course, THE PROPHET QA-SEPEL delivering the lyrics and playing keyboards. They will be touring in April and May. After that, keep your eyes on the sky; The Fourth Secret may be onto something you and I are not.

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