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Sometimes the SHADOW WEAVER even doubts his own existence.THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS’ twelfth album, SHADOW WEAVER, is part one of a two-part series which explores the psychic inner world of the album’s central character – any resemblance to Camus’ “Nausea” is purely unintentional. EDWARD KA-SPEL’S singular capacity to trace the mystical journey of the SHADOW WEAVER is, as always, matched perfectly by the DOTS’ mastery of psychedelic sound designs.For over a decade the DOTS have continued to quietly evolve and reinvent themselves. Ten years ago, they relocated from London’s East End to the liberal confines of Amsterdam where the lineup continually changes depending on each record’s particular focus. On SHADOW WEAVER the DOTS are a five piece: THE SILVERMAN plays keyboards, NIELS VAN HOORNBLOWER blows horns, MARTIJN DE KLEER plays guitar, RYAN MOORE handles the bass duties and the DOTS’ heart and spirit EDWARD KA-SPEL (The Prophet Qa-Sepel) sings and plays keyboards. Over time the DOTS have moved further away from their electronic-based origin as organic instruments knit rich yet fragile tapestry that furthers KA-SPEL’S vision of THE TERMINAL KALEIDOSCOPE and comes at a time when the band’s primary influences — Can, Faust, Neu and Meddle-era Pink Floyd — are finding a new audience of both musicians and fans.

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