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A bit of a momentous day as 34 years after its initial release, The Legendary Pink Dots 1990 album ‘Four Days’ emerges as a limited edition double LP for the first time. Containing six bonus tracks and a special remaster, the double disc has been released by Witch Cat Records, Denver.

Paying tribute to the initial cassette release, the gatefold sleeve is adorned with Elke Skeltzer’s stunningly unique artwork, which was scanned from the original cassette cover and inserts that were packaged in a plastic baggie along with said cassette.

The records come in 3 different colors, Classic Black, Clear Desert Brown, and Citrus Mixed. 100 Copies of each available. 10 Test Pressings will be available, each with a unique cover made by Edward Ka-Spel. (Only the black and brown editions are available through Soleilmoon).

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