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‘Rising’ was captured live at the Center for Inquiry, Los Angeles, on June 6, 2006, with no additional overdubs or post-production treatments. The performance drew on material from various Lustmord albums, melded and blended into new combinations, as well as new material and improvisation. The initial release of ‘Rising’ in 2006 also marked the 25th anniversary of Brian Williams’ project. While the compositions are structured around the three “greater magic” elements of a Satanic mass, they are not dependent on same for context and meaning, and as such can provide a background for deep contemplation and, in some cases, relaxation. A dark ambient triumph, an evocative and challenging work that will not disappoint those with open minds.Produced and performed by B. Lustmord / BMI. Remastered 2012. CD gatefold sleeve – heavy black cardboard with anthracite print plus silver foil embossing. Tracklist: 1. Decompression, 2. Opening, 3. Compassion, 4. Congregants Requests 1, 5. Lust, 6. Congregants Requests 2, 7. Destruction, 8. Congregants Requests 3, 9. Benediction, 10. Conclusion, 11. Exit

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