Man Is The Animal: A Coil Zine – Issue One


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A new zine dedicated to Coil, the esoteric music project pursued by Jhonn Balance and Peter Christopherson. Coil are greatly mourned and yet their project feels just as urgent now as it did when they were here. This zine will pore over the products they left behind, hoping to reinvigorate a living interest in their radical praxis. A5 perfect bound zine, 60 pages.

— The Vision and the Voice: Esoteric Dimensions of Coil’s Vocals
by Hayes Hampton
— A Hauntology of Coil
by Sean Oscar
— Are You Loathsome Tonight?: Coil’s Transformations
by Benjamin Noys
— The Horseman Betrays His Steed
by Cormac Pentecost
— The Spaces Between: Outside the Circles of Time and Love’s Secret Domain
by Andy Sharp
— Jhonn is Unbalanced
by Val Denham

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