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Remastered CD Reissue of 1994 “Noisembryo”, now with a bonus CD “Noise Matrix” with previously unreleased material from the same sessions as “Noisembryo” and counterpart “Hole”, and selected recordings from the time period. Packaged in a deluxe foil-stamped gatefold tip-on CD wallet cover with mini poster.

“The holy grail, not only of merzbow’s obsessive discography, but of the entire 90’s noise movement. You’ve heard the stories surrounding the infamy of this release, but beyond that stands the depth and wild energy over two decades later that “Noisembryo” encapsulates. Velocity loops, roving automotive bass and cacophonic drum machine gel together with the surprising inclusion of a sound rarely heard within Merzbow’s many years…Masami Akita’s own voice. Akita’s surrealism of the past stands prominently relevant to this day. Art images from unseen classic paintings and collages of Nasami from the original “Noisembryo” session.” (Hospital Productions)

Track list:
1. Noisembryo – Part 1 09:22
2. Noisembryo – Part 2 25:06
3. Noisembryo – Part 3 20:59
4. Noisembryo – Part 4 02:54
1. Noise Matrix – Noisembryo Extra 01 11:49
2. Noise Matrix – Noise Matrix Extra 01 04:46
3. Noise Matrix – Noise Matrix 02 05:10
4. Noise Matrix – Noise Matrix 03 04:36
5. Noise Matrix – Noise Matrix 04 05:12
6. Noise Matrix – The Amazing Maya H 07:18
7. Noise Matrix – 94526 16:24

Track 1: taken from original DAT tape which including ‘noisembryo’ recording on 1994.
Track 2-5: taken from original DAT tape which including ‘noise matrix’ (in ‘hole’) on 1994.
Track 6: a track recorded on 1995 for releasing eskimo compilation.
Track 7: taken from original cassette tape which recorded on 1994 and remixed on 2019.

All music by masami akita
All remastered on 2020 at munemihouse, Tokyo

A portion of proceeds go to animal rescue.

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