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The story of this unexpected collaboration dates back to the summer and autumn of 1998 when Bryn Jones AKA Muslimgauze, the politically conscious music genius from Manchester, discovered Species Of Fishes’ albums through the Dutch label Staalplaat. Jones embarked on a journey of reinventing the Muscovites’ tracks, infusing them with hypnotizing noise pulsations that were both harsh and sharp, yet profoundly humane, while evoking ethereal Arab echoes.

The original remixes became the inaugural release on Species Of Fishes’ self-titled label in 1999, with a limited circulation of 500 CDs. Another edition was later released in the United States in 2007 by Tourette Records, with a circulation of 1000 CDs. The first edition featured a selection edited from the original DAT cassette, accompanied by minor revisions, while the second one faithfully reproduced the entire studio session, providing insight into the creative process rather than focusing solely on the final result.

In this new reissue, Species Of Fishes have curated the tracks, discarding repetitions, unsuccessful takes, and technical pauses. The result is a more dynamic compilation that retains the core elements of the original work while reducing the total duration by almost half.

‘Trip Trap’, ‘Some Songs of a Dumb World’, and ‘muslimgauze vs species of fishes’ comprise three chapters of Species Of Fishes’ album triptych, which unveils the originality of the Russian duo, pioneers of the unparalleled electronic scene who were ahead of their time.

Light blue vinyl

1. init v1.0 04:30
2. sh-sh-sh v1.0 05:03
3. sh–sh 03:59
4. [ctrl+s] 04:57
5. init v2.0 06:53
6. sh-sh-sh v2.0 04:01

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