NIGEL AYERS/PBK/ALLAN ZANE – This Home Stands on Ancient Bones


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Presenting the latest collaboration of Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions), PBK, and Allan Zane (WYRM, Nihilist Assault Group), recorded in 2023.

The title “This home stands on ancient bones” reminds us that our present world is built upon a history of all that has gone before. Compassion, contrition, repentance—all the layers of emotions that rise from the surface of the earth—mingle and drift through the emptiness, existing all around us.
This powerful work captures and embodies these emotions, serving as both a requiem and a hymn to humanity across time—past, present and future.

Experimental, meditative and deep ambient music.

Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track list:
1. Omnipresenadwy 04:42
2. Tymhoradimensionol 06:54
3. Psychenkinetig 10:10
4. Tymhorangravitational 15:36
5. Cyngoroni 22:00

Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions), PBK, Allan Zane (WYRM, Nihilist Assault Group) による2023年録音の豪華最新コラボレーション作品。
タイトル”This home stands on ancient bones”(この家は古代の骨の上に建っている)は、現在のこの世界が、過ぎ去った全ての歴史の上に成り立っているということを再認識させる。



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