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Quantum mechanics inspired text-to-speech techno by Industrial cult act Nocturnal Emissions gets renewed life on a fully remastered 12″, with an additional banging Gesloten Cirkel remix.

Imaginary Time is a representation of time that appears in some approaches to quantum mechanics; mathematically speaking, it simply is a line perpendicular to the time axis. Inspired by this concept and by the possibility of transcending the normal restrictions of time and space through the power of imagination, Industrial / DIY music cult act Nocturnal Emissions released a first raw and irregular version of Imaginary Time in 1996, followed three years later by a new more rave inspired mix, this time reflecting a political urge of that particular moment in Time when the squatting scene, free parties, and noncommercial raves – all existing tied up with campaigns of anti-capitalist protests going on in the late 90s – were upsetting the powers of the ruling class and the authoritarian government in the UK. Sunny Crypt is beyond happy to bring back to life all the past forms of Imaginary Time in another particular moment on this timeline as its sixth release with a fully remastered vinyl reissue, with a brand new powerhouse 4/4 remix by all things Techno / Electro / Jacking wizard Gesloten Cirkel and a renewed graphic outfit. There’s another kind of time!

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