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People Like Us, the project of artist Vicki Bennett, announces the release of “COPIA” on June 7, 2024. This album marks the first new musical material since “The Mirror” in 2018, delving into the profound realms of existential collage and sampling, celebrating these forms as expressions of timeless connectivity.

The title “COPIA,” meaning ‘abundance’ and ‘copy,’ reflects the essence of collage and sampling — art crafted not in isolation, but as a connective thread through time and space, linking ideas across generations in a seamless tapestry. By reconfiguring preexisting sounds and images, Bennett highlights the non-dual nature of creation — where distinctions between past, present, and future possibilities blur, revealing a shared foundation beneath. The album marks a return to not just solo works but collaborations with notable artists.

Drawing from the new People Like Us live AV performance, “The Library of Babel,” sampling and edited sound collage, electronic music, combined with Ergo Phizmiz’s lyrics and melodies, “COPIA” weaves and recombines a timeless blend of diverse elements that transcends traditional musical boundaries. This creative process unfolded through the exchange of multitracks across both water and ether. Collaborating with the voices, instruments and editing timelines of Matmos, Hearty White, Gwilly Edmondez, Lottie Bowater, Buttress O’Kneel, Douglas Benford, Irene Moon, Jon Leidecker, and Matt Warwick, the work evolved exquisite corpse-style.

Accompanying the release, live performances of “The Library of Babel” will continue both in the UK and abroad in the coming months, including potential live collaborations with Ergo Phizmiz and Gwilly Edmondez.

Bennett has proven herself an alchemist of popular music, able to push her source material into fresh and engaging places. Where some artists hack existing instruments and technologies to create their new sounds, Bennett has circuit-bent the songs themselves.
– Spenser Tomson, The Wire Magazine

About People Like Us

Since 1991, People Like Us has been at the forefront of audio-visual collage, opening up endless opportunities to experience results that are more than the sum of the parts. Embedded in her work is the premise that all is interconnected and that claiming ownership of an “original” or isolated concept is both preposterous and redundant. Vicki Bennett’s project serves as a modern-day continuation of the collage tradition, highlighting the interconnectedness of all artistic creation.

Track list

01 Glass Onion
People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz

02 You Wish (Dark World Mix)
People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz, Irene Moon

03 I Was Born, You Live
People Like Us

04 Happy Jam
People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz, Hearty White, Gwilly Edmondez

05 Hymn to Collage (Buttress Mix)
People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz, Buttress O’Kneel, Lottie Bowater, Gwilly Edmondez

06 Nature
People Like Us

07 I Only Have I’s With PLU
People Like Us, Matmos, Matt Warwick, Hearty White, Douglas Benford

08 LSD Cha Cha
People Like Us, Gwilly Edmondez, Lottie Bowater

09 Buzzby B
People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz, M.C.Schmidt, Hearty White

10 Fate Is Kind
People Like Us

11 Marais in Mercury
People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz, Gwilly Edmondez

12 You Wish (Babel Mix)
People Like Us

13 Lester Plays Trumpet, Gwilly and Lottie Sing, Hearty Plays Organ, Douglas Plays Melodica
People Like Us, Gwilly Edmondez, Lottie Bowater, Hearty White, Douglas Benford

14 Camera Obscura
People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz, Matmos, Lottie Bowater, Hearty White, Matt Warwick

15 Music Alone
People Like Us, Ergo Phizmiz, Gwilly Edmondez, Jon Leidecker

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