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Reflecting on the effects the Cold War had on the shaping of his world, Robin Storey explores the dichotomy of his childhood with the expansion of his artistic expression into the dark and sinister world of drum and bass. This is a story of reflection, recognition and reevaluation.

“As the relics of the Second World War were being dismantled the sites where once had been airfields with all the paraphernalia of conflict were being replaced with the shiny new technology of warfare that required little or no administration by humans. Tall masts and shiny white domes became the architecture of the brave new world. Clinical destruction on a global scale became a reality and these architectural icons set on a landscape of wild beauty and endless horizons became a daily backdrop of my childhood. On one hand, I was lucky enough to grow up in a very beautiful, albeit starkly beautiful, part of England…and on the other I was daily reminded and forced to think about the stupidity that mindkind is capable of: fighting over prejudice and fears, over ideas and religions… “

Angelic voices, some childlike, mesh with atmospheric sounds of wind; nature and imagination create an almost womblike sense of security and wonder. But always lingering in the background is the chaotic and frantic crashing of drums and bass, encroaching on every side and seeping into the innocence. Some times the drums and bass are the only thing you hear, deafening your ears to any hope or idealism you once had.

Includes Sonic Foundry’s “Acid” software on disc two, for users with Microsoft Windows computers. Allows you to remix Rapoon in an infinite variety of ways. Both CDs will play in normal CD players, of course.

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