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Rapoon returns to Soleilmoon after a two year break with a stunning new limited edition album, “Just Say The Faith.” While an undeliable impression was left in :zoviet*france:, Robin Storey, a founding member of that seminal group and the man behind Rapoon has continued to leave giant footprints across the landscape of darkambient music.

“Just Say The Faith” comes from a very cold and damp place, perhaps inside an ancient abandoned church, where long shadows fall across gnarled tree roots and forgotten voices echo from dusty corners. The colors are black and brown, the elements are Earth and Water, and the season is most certainly Autumn. With each release Rapoon moves farther into a darker, more medieval Europe. The ergot mold grows thicker each year on the rye berries and the ghosts dance their crazed rites, all leading to this strange and mysterious album. “Just Say The Faith” has its roots in noise and music and rhythm and drone, all combining to produce an exquisitely melancholy atmosphere.

“Just Say The Faith” is the sixth in a series of limited edition vinyl releases from Soleilmoon, and it heralds a new packaging style. Gone are the handmade Japanese papers with their heavy plastic covers, replaced with full-color 12 inch jackets. But these records are still special, and when this edition of 800 is sold out it will be permanently deleted. So don’t say you weren’t warned!

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