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“Time Frost” is an imaginary record of the mutation process of sound locked in ice and transformed over millennia. Like ghosts of music trapped in the ever-changing permafrost. The album was originally released in a series of publications from Glacial Movements. Virtually unavailable in any form for many years, over time it has become a hard-to-find rarity, sought after by fans of the British project. This reissue changes that state of affairs. The material included on this CD was remastered by Robin Storey. For the publication, the graphic design was also changed, this time based on photographs by the Rapoon founder.
CD in a six-panel digipack, edition of 350 copies

1. Glacial Danube 06:07
2. Thin Light 06:13
3. A Darkness Of Snow 06:50
4. Horizon Discrete 05:35
5. Ice Whispers 34:11

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