THE GEROGERIGEGEGE – 不安な演奏 (Anxious Performance)


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The Gerogerigegege stands for sound research that transcends the restrictions of the obvious and the frivolous. It is a bizarre musical project launched in 1985 by the mysterious musician and composer Juntaro Yamanouchi, in Shinjuku, one of the largest and most populated neighbourhoods in Tokyo, known for its gay community active since the 1960s. The band’s first live performances in the gay BDSM clubs of Shinjuku began at the end of 1986, but already in 1985, a first EP was circulating in the Tokyo shops: six tracks recorded in very low quality on a TDK C-30 cassette released on ZSF Produkt, the legendary Masami Akita label. To carry on the project and his very personal musical vision Juntaro created his record label Vis A Vis Audio Arts which in 1987 licensed the first album Senzuri Champion. The vinyl shows a first real approach to the key elements of the sounds that made the band famous, where the explicit moans and sounds of masturbation are perfectly audible, accompanied by a drum rhythm and various tools. Then in 1988 came the legendary Showa album. It was not simply a record but a work that mixed sacred and profane, offering a recording in two long tracks of a tight squeeze between a man and a woman. enclosed in the notes of Kimigayo, the Japanese national anthem, and thus one of the most extreme examples of musical satire of all time. This collection of ten CDs follows the same non-musical structure, but has a concept completely different from Showa. It is based on “Anxious Performance” and could be consider Juntaro’s sound testament as represents his visceral passion for vice, depravity and onanistic acts.
“Ero-tapes were known here in Japan in the 1960s, you’ll understand if you listen to the contents of this box-set, but the recordings were probably copied and shaped from the 1960s to 1980s. This is a dead end record. I also would like you to feel that this atmosphere and the bad sound quality that continues to inspire The Gerogerigegege is definitely an aspect of the work’’ – Juntaro Yamanouchi 2020
The soul of Gerogerigegege returns to be felt stronger, more powerful and fascinating than ever, in this ten-CD collection that comes in black wooden box with laser engraving and closure with a numbered certificate in 300 copies, a folding with liner notes by Juntaro Yamanouchi and a pin.

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