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Neofolk has nothing to do with folksy sing-along music – this music stems from the dark Gothic music scene and is nothing to sway to. It is a playground for punky attitudes and SS death-heads, for pastoral romanticism and Riefenstahl aesthetics. For years now, feelings have been running high about Neofolk. No other contemporary music genre raises so many questions about freedom of art and freedom of speech. With more than 520 pages, Looking For Europe is the first book dealing in a comprehensive and non-dogmatic manner with the blackest chapter of the music underground. All relevant bands of the genre are portrayed in exclusive interviews and photos. The book highlights the field of tension Neofolk is situated in. The range goes from fragile folk to noisy Industrial, from right-wing anarchists to left-wing uniform wearers, from Paganism to Satanism and Christianity, from gay fetishism to obscure artistic treatments of ideological propaganda. ENGLISH LANGUAGE! 528 pages, paperback

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