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Controlled Bleeding was formed in 1978 in Boston. Over the years members have come and gone and the band has transformed and reinvented itself numerous times.

In 2010 Paul Lemos remixed the Controlled Bleeding lineup. Drummer Tony Meola rejoined the band and Michael Bazini (a.k.a. DJ Butterface) came onboard to play electronics. The trio played a slew of live gigs in the New York City area, blasting audiences with an improvised instrumental mix of blistering guitar riffs, hypnotic bass loops, pounding drumbeats and fractured noise.

ODES TO BUBBLER contains the first new recorded work by Controlled Bleeding in the last five years. There are two live tracks and four recorded with Martin Bisi in the summer of 2010. The remainder of the album consists of rare tracks spanning the band’s very musically diverse last decade, some featuring Joe Papa’s signature vocal work, others including guest players like Ruins drummer Tatsuya Yoshida or Weasel Walter.  Then, of course, there are some meditative textural pieces and harsh sonic caterwauls, but it somehow all ties together.

ODES TO BUBBLER is presented in a deluxe screen-printed sleeve made from textured paper with a metallic silver finish. The CD is packed inside a golden inner sleeve. The packaging is stunning inside and out, and will have pride of place in collections. Limited pressing of 500 copies.

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