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“Prints Of Darkness” was released as a download in March 2021. This is the first CD edition.

Review from ReGen Magazine: Across four decades fronting The Legendary Pink Dots, as a solo artist, and numerous projects that have encompassed virtually all forms of underground experimental music, one should know what to expect from an Edward Ka-Spel album. With the global pandemic serving as a backdrop of lyrical and tonal inspiration, Prints of Darkness certainly meets these expectations as an almost orchestrally crafted blend of psychedelic space rock, coldly ambient electronic textures, and a small helping of industrial noise that thankfully does not intrude on the melodic songwriting.  (CONTINUE READING)

  1. Destiny’s Casino / Afternoon Delight
  2. This Is The Place
  3. Mood For Today
  4. The Cruelest Conspiracy / Nanny State
  5. Not Going Out
  6. All At Sea / Magic Finger
  7. How To Suck Seed
  8. Sea Dog
  9. Spiky Spheres
  10. The Persuader / The Hardest Word

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