FREEK KINKELAAR – Close Your Eyes, You Can Be A Space Captain: The Legendary Pink Dots in the 1980s


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The book details the history of The Legendary Pink Dots, the band well-known for combining melody and mood in beautiful, haunting songs and soundscapes. This book documents the band’s first decade in all its despair and glory. Based on their extensive discography, it combines facts and confabulation from various members of the Legendary Pink Dots and close associates. The book contains a year-by-year written history of the band’s early years, supplemented with extensive photos from the time, and includes an illustrated discography (inevitably but understandably labeled a “Dotsography”). With unique images and an exclusive compact disc featuring Dots-songs from the 1980s (including two previously unreleased ones!) selected by band members, Close Your Eyes, You Can Be A Space Captain is an incentive to sing while you may!

148 pages, hardcover with CD (not a CDR!)

The compact disc that comes with this book features the Dots’ handpicked favourite tracks from the 1980s.

Tower 6
Golden Dawn
Curious Guy
Tower 1
Apocalypse Then
Poppy Day
Guess The Politician
The Month After
Lisa’s Separation
The Wedding
The Collector
Neon Gladiators
Guardians Of Eden
Lullaby For Charles’ Brother (1980 Version) Misfortunes

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