LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – Chemical Playschool 21 & 22


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The LP jackets all have a very small indentation in the upper right corner. See example in the gallery photos, with ballpoint pen included for scale. It’s a very small dent, but it’s there! Sorry!

Side A
The Seer
Arthur’s Bar / A Voice In The Static

Side B
Oasis Marmalade / A Love Sublime

Side C
The Detroit Shuffle / Mississippi Justice
Montana Sunset / Amy’s Personalities
Quarantine Pursuits

Side D
Last Train To Brownsville / A Lonely Cactus
The Mouse That Ate The Shopping Mall
Close The Door As You Leave

Those Responsible:

Erik Drost – Guitars, Bass
The Silverman – Keyboards, Devices
Edward Ka-Spel – Voice, Keyboards
Special Guests – Patrick Q. Wright – Violins, Keyboards on 2
Quentin Rollet – Sax, Clarinet on 1,4,5,8,9

Produced and Engineered by Edward Ka-Spel

Cover concept and photography by Alena

Indeed, You ARE hallucinating, but you have absolutely nothing to fear. Just “go with the flow.” – EK

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