MUSLIMGAUZE – Lo-Fi India Abuse


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Reissue of album originally released in 1999 by BSI Records. Remastered, with new artwork.

Promotional blurb from BSI press release:
Lo-if India Abuse is the result of collaboration between BSI Records’ Systemwide and the late Bryn Jones, a.k.a. Muslimgauze. It is a collection of beautiful and brutal originals and “re-mixes”, a seriously varied assortment of tracks that focus dub, Mid-East percussion, and radioactive ambience and noise through the singular Muslimgauze filter. Some of the tracks are recognizable reconstructs of songs from Systemwide’s “Sirius” CD, most are pure Muslimgauze; the two flow and collide effortlessly. This collection represents some of Bryn Jones’ last work. It may give us a sense of some of the territory that might have been explored had Bryn been able to continue. It is also one of only a handful of Muslimgauze releases issued by a label other than Staalplaat or Soleilmoon. Like the earlier “Systemwide meets Muslimgauze at the City of the Dead,” it represents the beginning of what promised to be a great relationship between Muslimgauze and BSI. Lo-if India Abuse is a crucial work and a necessary listen for all who have followed the journey of the formidable and singular artist known as Muslimgauze.

Track list
A1. Antalya
A2. Romanic Abuse
A3. Valencia In Flames
A4. Al Souk Dub
A5. Catacomb Dub
B1. Dust Of Saqqara
B2. Android Cleaver
B3. Dogon Tabla
B4. Nommos’ Afterburn

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