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REISSUE OF CD OUT OF PRINT SINCE 2006.”Mazar-i-Sharif” is to polite society what a dozen angry Rotweillers are to a cafe full of poodles: An explosion. The diamond collars scatter across the tiles and the fur turns red as the perfectly clipped poodle-butts are torn apart by a pack of rabid Jerry Springer Spaniels. Your politically correct end-of-the-century tea party is officially OVER, and anyone thinking Muslimgauze is about to make a calculated move to new age radio should call a taxi right now because the missiles are already in the air.From the intense noise-and-rhythm barrage to the shocking cover image of a young boy with amputated arms, there is no part of this compact disc that will not offend someone. Yes, of course there are groovy Middle Eastern beats, and music loops are top notch as usual, and the true die-hard fans of Muslimgauze will not be disappointed, but we expect that there will be fewer of them after they hear this record. Track listing:    1. “Rezin Of Joy” – 13:39   2. “Sulymaniyah” – 4:17   3. “Mosul” – 12:13   4. “Bandar Abbas” – 9:57   5. “Zahedan” – 5:31   6. “Mazar-I-Sharif” – 7:56

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