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“Artwork 51” is the second album for Old Castle, a group formed by musicians known from Rapoon, Pas Musique and Promute. This intercontinental trio continues and develops its formula of psychedelic electronics, using quite similar instruments and sound objects. Just like on the “Welcome to Graceland” album, you can hear echoes of music remeniscent of Cluster, Deuter, or Neu. Here everything seems to be even more coherent, refined in terms of sound and composition, although at times able to surprise the listener with ingenuity and openness to cross-genre experiments.
Limited to 300 CDs in digipack.

1. Rage Goat 04:36
2. Tullips 05:27
3. Stars That Move 06:50
4. Fillipswitch 04:49
5. Bloody Teeth 04:36
6. Nightmare Fuel 04:51
7. Horses Straw 04:35

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