LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – Pages of Aquarius


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They promised us so much…

Naked hippies and soma fountains and patchouli rain from candy floss clouds and flowers and the summer that would never end. The Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Harmony and understanding and tolerance. Say it softly, like an Aquarian, The Age of ….Love. The Age of Love and HAIR.

Page One Aquarius. How does it look out there?

Bad hair, no hair. Covered up. Walls. And God is everywhere, splashed in red across those walls, And the fountains are dry, the ocean is full and they’re dragging the lost from the depths of the sea and tying them up with wire.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Are we in for 2,160 years of this?

I’m an Aquarian. I believe in this crazy stuff and I visualise big old Pisces lying there, dying there. Huge, wounded, angry because no-one helps and every hot feverish cry brings a new storm, and every kick shakes the planet to it’s core. Big old Pisces. Huge but invisible so no-one sees him except the irritating baby that tickles his nose with an oily feather.

Page 2,000 Pisces, the end of the cycle and it hurts.

It can’t last.

Page One Aquarius.

The World is Beautiful. Blessed be. EK

1. Mirror Mirror
2. The Greatest Story Ever Told
3. D-Train
4. Credibility
5. Trending
6. Touching The Forelock
7. Prodigal
8. Don’t Go There/Page Aquarian/Jacob’s Ladder

A1. Mirror Mirror
A2. The Greatest Story Ever Told
A3. D-Train
B1. Credibility
B2. Trending
B3. Touching The Forelock
C1. Don’t Go There / Page Aquarian / Jacob’s Ladder
D1. Prodigal
D2. The Weight Of Water Parts 1-4 (BONUS TRACK)

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