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Robin Storey, better known as Rapoon, is well known in ambient music circles for his extensive catalog of recordings, presently exceeding 40 albums, singles and collaborative projects released over the last 13 years. Rapoon has always stood for more than music, however. Visual arts have long been important to Robin. His paintings grace many of his album covers, but until today his filmmaking has been done in relative obscurity. “Alien Glyph Morphology” is the name of a suite of six short movies, set to his music, of course, that make up the primary focus of his DVD release. Using montage, slides, and slow-motion techniques Robin produces the visual counterparts to his unique and atmospheric soundtracks. A short film, “Shadow”, and two slide shows round out the collection. A limited edition set of 20 sturdy Tarot cards painted by Robin Storey accompany the first 1000 copies.

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