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The title of the latest album from Rapoon comes from a random moment of serendipity. Taking a break from his studio, artist Robin Storey chanced to walk into his kitchen just as a disembodied voice uttered the phrase “I am a foreigner”. His wife had left a tape running in the cassette player, and the voice belonged to an actor on a “Teach Yourself Italian” tape. Voice and narration are frequently part of his work, so after making himself a cup of tea he took the tape back to his studio. Soon, after extracting several selections of dialog from the tape a new direction for his music emerged and the phrase “I am a Foreigner” became a key theme in this transformation. Being a “foreigner” can be understood in the most obvious sense, or as an abstract concept, but whether you’re visiting a new country or simply hearing a radio broadcast in another language, your senses are sharpened and new sensations stand out in stark relief. We feel more awake, more alive. “I am a Foreigner” is therefore an exploration of new spaces and senses.

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