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Genesis P-Orridge and The Hafler Trio: do these two legends need any introduction? Genesis P-Orridge was the founding person of COUM Transmissions in 1969, Throbbing Gristle in 1975, Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth and Psychic TV in 1981.

Andrew McKenzie started The Hafler Trio (together with Cabaret Voltaire’s Chris Watson) in 1982 and since then has released all his work under this moniker. He has collaborated with William S. Burroughs, Autechre, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Nurse With Wound and Jónsi from Sigur Rós, to name a few. And he constructed the first kit Dreamachine in 1989 together with Brion Gysin.

The impact and influence of these pioneers of the industrial underground, visionary thinkers and open minds, anti-heroes of the misfits and the outcasts is hard to overestimate.

On ‘Dream Less Suite’, the first new album by The Hafler Trio since 2016, Andrew McKenzie unearths, resurrects and completes recordings he made through the years with Genesis P-Orridge.

This double LP features soundtracks to unfinished films, live performances and the real versions of tracks you know and love, released for the very first time and mastered from the original reel-to-reel tapes.

Expect the unexpected and be prepared for the unprepared.

Subliminal soul music for the very faint-hearted.
Demented disco for insecure insomniacs.
Asymmetric acid for hoovering hipsters.
Immersive polka for naughty night nurses.
Soothing sounds for crying babies.
Liberating latin for lesbians on xtc.
Transcending tribalism for jogging junkies.
Frenetic freakbeat for nihilistic numerologists.
Jiving jazz for tyrannic transgenders.
Hypnotic exotica for corrupt gymnastics.
Indescribable sounds for angry journalists.

Endless entertainment for everyone and the rest of the family.

All f#cks given 2.0. Masters at work.

All music and compositions by The Hafler Trio & Genesis P-Orridge

רדאמשענ features Eric Random & Z’EV

Artwork by The Hafler Trio

Published by Freibank and Miss Jackie Songs (BMI)

Mastered by Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Mastering
Cut by Dubplates & Mastering Berlin

Lay out by Jef Cuypers

Double LP with two printed innersleeves with extended liner notes.


A1. Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio – Better Not To Begin
A2. Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio – Alaura (yes)
A3. Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio – Veiled Threat (extract)

B1. Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio – רדאמשענ
B2. Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio – Slave Priest (yes)
B3. Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio – Hope dies Now, Gratefully

C1. Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio – E-am-E

D1. Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio – NOW<——->NOW

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