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The spines of the LP jacket are slightly flawed: the paper has small but visible cracks near the text. If you need an absolutely perfect jacket you’ll need to look elsewhere. The cassettes and CDs are fine.

Muslimgauze’s gem from the late 80s. Cinematic, minimal, noisy, hypnotic, and gloomy. Less obviously Middle Eastern than his later works, though definitely bearing an influence. Backed by electric drones and percussion, forming a living, breathing atmosphere of impending menace.

This album was not in Vinyl On Demand’s “Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones” 10xLP Box-set. Now you have a chance to complete your Muslimgauze discography!

All Tracks Written and Played by Muslimgauze
Recorded at Studio С by Roger B.
Mixed and Re-mixed by Datum Stückzahl
Remastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage, 2020
Layout by Oleg Galay, 2020

Originally released in 1989 by Parade Amoureuse ‎– PHOE 02

1 Souq El Gharb Pt 2 3:08
2 Odour Of Semtex Pt 1 3:11
3 Odour Of Semtex Pt 2 3:02
4 Shroud Of Khomeini Pt 1 3:20
5 Shroud Of Khomeini Pt 2 3:25
6 Souq El Gharb Pt 1 3:34
7 For Abu Jihad Pt 1 3:20
8 For Abu Jihad Pt 2 3:24
9 La Palestina Pt 1 3:19
10 La Palestina Pt 2 3:20
11 Obeid Pt 1 3:19
12 Obeid Pt 2 3:16

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